Why Choose FSL?

Mission Statement:

FSL CrossFit provides a family-friendly, uplifting, encouraging, and empowering approach to health today and for years to come. We seek to provide our “athletes” an opportunity to make themselves the best version of themselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Through each “athlete’s” personal betterment, they are encouraged to take the same opportunity to the community through faith, service and to love all persons.


When I was younger, I considered myself an athlete. As my body has changed, I’ve always seen my inner self as still being that athlete. A year ago, I wouldn’t have described myself to others in that way. I think some people think of CrossFit in terms of the finely tuned athletes they see at the national CrossFit Games. I love that daily workouts and coaching is scaled to the abilities and limitations of each person. I don’t aspire to be a competitive athlete, but I’m beginning to see myself as an athlete again. I have seen progress in my physical fitness that exceeds what I’m capable of achieving through a typical self-guided gym membership.

Personally it has been an enriching experience. I have learned how to correctly do excercises, some that I had done before and also I have been introduced to new ones that I did not imagine I would ever do … What I like most about our group besides getting physically fit, is that we all have become spiritually and emotionally stronger together

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